The Eversports cash register offers a solution compliant with the latest legal standards of the German-speaking market.

Keep track of all closings and invoices

Unlike solutions of competing companies, such as Mindbody, the Eversports cash register complies with all the legal standards in Austria and Germany. Including everything from complete data collection, a quick day-end closing, to a clean invoice summary.

Detailed cash book

Additionally, Eversports offers a detailed cash book to record your revenue and expenditures. With the cashier system software you can enter partial payments and sell items. The cash register is compliant with the latest legal standards (GoBD). So you are on the safe side!

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Your digital cash book

All your revenue and expenditures are recorded in the cash book, including regular operational transactions as well as deposits and withdrawals. Use the cash register to sell your services and items to both regular customers and occasional walk-ins. Simply select a product and assign it to a customer.

Closing with a single click

Generate the day-end closing (“Z-Bon” print) with a single click and print it directly or save it as PDF. The report includes information of the balance of cash on hand, manual deposits and withdrawals, as well as total turnover. You also have access to all past closings, anytime.

Invoice overview

Access the invoice overview with the cash register and see all invoices and credits for a selected period of time. Sort and filter the invoices by status, method of payment, customer, amount, date or employee. Find all the invoices you are looking for in no time. Also, you keep track of the amount of open and settled payments.

Split, partial and combined payments

With the Eversports booking software you can enter partial payments, in case your customers would like to split a bill or pay in installments. This way you can also combine different payment methods.

Complete data recording

Data recording guarantees complete documentation of all processes. For example, you can view who made a transaction or created a new customer, what kind of process it is (e.g. statements, payment flows, invoice items) and much more.

“I wished for a user-friendly, efficient software that is both cash register and management tool.”
Viktoria Ecker – Doctor Yoga

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