With our innovative equipment, we offer simple solutions for the automation of your venues and customer check-in.

Flexible software

Eversports provides you with all you need for a smooth operation of your sports venue or studio. The software is flexible, easy to use and facilitates a speedy check-in.

Smart hardware

Get all you need from a single source! Let us provide you with matching hardware equipped with smart technology. The administration software features administration of goods, lighting control systems and access control systems. Additionally, we can supply you with reasonably priced consumables such as RFID tags and till rolls.

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Smart lighting for your venue

The Eversports lighting control system can be directly connected to the booking system. As soon as a court or room is booked the lights will turn on and off automatically, at set times. The lights can still be switched on and off manually on site. Using this kind of intelligent lighting control system, you can easily reduce energy waste and costs.

Automatic access

Using an access control system, doors can be opened with a pin code. You can distribute the code via e-mail. Alternatively, small RFID transponders in key chains or member cards can be used to open doors. This way, you enable your members to access a venue at a set time.

Fast check-in

The check-in function of our software is set up in a way that you can sign in many clients in a short period of time, with just a few clicks. This will prevent long lines, when all your students arrive at the same time. With RFID tags or barcode labels your clients can identify themselves or even get access to certain rooms and venues.

Matching hardware

The Eversports administration system is easily connected to various hardware, such as POS solutions. On request, we provide you with complying computers, terminals, tablets, cash registers and receipt printers. Additionally, we offer on demand supply of consumables, such as till rolls. Skip the hassle and get everything from a single source!

Stock overview

With the administration of goods, you can manage your stocks. Check current stocks, and enter input and output. Assign each item additional information, such as an item number, an item group or a price including a tax rate. Goods in stock will automatically be reduced after a purchase was made.

Eversports Studio Software Testimonial Ananya
“What’s most important to me is a very fast check-in process and that’s the case with the Eversports Software!”
Eva Ananya – Ananya Yoga

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