Payment methods

Offer your clients a variety of payment methods.

Give your clients a choice

With Eversports you offer your clients a variety of payment methods, online and offline. Sell multi-use passes, season passes and subscriptions to boost your customer loyalty, giving them financial benefits. Also, binding your clients for a certain period of time, helps you to plan ahead better.

Benefit from online payments

Using Eversports, your clients can choose from a variety of online payment methods. This not only reduces the number of canceled transactions, but also lowers your no show rates. In any case, you’re on the safe side, since your clients have already paid in advance.

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Your offers at a flat-rate

With time-limited passes, your customers can use your product for a certain period of time at a flat-rate. You can offer e.g. month, season or year passes. You decide, how many times your customers can use it or you can give them unlimited access. Additionally, offer single passes for single or one-day-use.

Boost customer loyalty

Offer your customers multi-use passes. They can use these passes to e.g. book the court 10 times or attend a class 5 times. Customers can choose their pass as a method of payment, when booking online. Set the price as it fits you and offer your customers attractive deals such as: “Pay nine, play ten times!” This way, you boost your customer loyalty.

Quick, secure and in advance

Your customers can use all common methods of payment to book and pay directly online. Options such as PayPal, credit card and direct debit are popular and safe. Offer your clients these and your customers are more likely to complete a booking.

New functions in progress

We are currently developing additional payment and billing functions for your convenience. Soon, you can set up and manage term contracts with your individual conditions. Also, you’ll be able to use subscription bookings and serial bookings for customers, willing to book a certain court regularly for a longer period of time.

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“Our check-in staff told us that everyone likes working with the software a lot. Because it gives a good overview, is easy to understand and less clicks are needed to sell something.”
Antje Schäfer – Jivamukti Yoga

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