The online booking system to manage your squash venue whenever, wherever.

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Hundreds of sports providers have been using our Ball Sports Manager successfully to manage their venue. Our Squash Software is continuously being optimized in cooperation with our partners. The application is tailored to the needs of ball sports providers, making it the ideal tool for every successful squash venue. The software is designed in a way that even less tech-confident users can handle it easily. Many of the features help you reduce time and effort so you can focus on what’s most important, your athletes!

Buchungskalender - Squash-Reservierungssystem

Online Booking Calendar

The Squash Software provides you with a booking calendar, which is easily embedded on your website and matched to its design.

Kundenverwaltung - Squash-Reservierungssystem

Customer Adminstration

Create e.g. customer groups eligible for special pricing or individual terms. Different coloring options will help you keep your calendar tidy and easy to navigate.

Accounting - Squash-Reservierungssystem


Keep track of your finances. Check your revenue for e.g. a certain customer group or a specific period of time and print the reports.

Aboverwaltung - Squash-Reservierungssystem

Subscription Adminstration

Offer subscriptions or recurrent bookings. Prices can be discounted accordingly or set individually in the Squash Software administration.

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”Customer feedback was really good. It's the combination of simple software and appealing interface what makes Eversports great!"Stefan Konvicka, CEO
Stefan Konvicka, CEOHappyland
"In my opinion, Eversports has two main benefits, one is saving time and the other is that customers can use the systems so easily!"Gerhard Badhofer, CEO
Gerhard Badhofer, CEOSoccerdome
"With the Eversports Software, we got broad customer acquisition and an enormous relief for the front office."Sabine Große, Deputy CEO

With our App for iOS and Android squash players can reach you at home and on the go 24/7. They can book courts, make payments, invite other players and find new ones.

Squash Verwaltungssoftware Smartphone App

You offer more than just squash?

Many ball sports venues offer not only one but a variety of sports!
No worries, the Squash Software enables you to combine all possible ball sports:

soccer, badminton, tennis, paddle, beach volleyball, and many more.

No matter what sport or combination of sports you’d like to offer, we will personalize the Ball Sports Manager tailored to your needs.

All the benefits of the Eversports Squash Software in less than 15 minutes!

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